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Definition of school consolidation

The word consolidation itself describes that it is the merger of something. Thus consolidation of school means merger of small schools to form a bigger one. Consolidated school is a type of school which is formed by the school which is small and discontinued. They are often found in rural districts as rural areas have very less facilities. So they merge the small schools to form a bigger one just to save the unwanted tidbit expenses.

Pros and cons of consolidated schools

There are many advantages and disadvantages of this. Like a consolidated school provides a wider curriculum. Even the number of enrollments gets increased in the same amount of expenses. Even the size of classes gets larger which can accommodate more number of people at the same place. Like when the two classes merge with 10 students it is too beneficial. But sometimes it creates nuisance also when classes with larger strength combines. This leads to poor quality of education.

School consolidation loans

Loans are the very easy source to finance your education. But it is not that easy as it sounds like. You will have to repay it and handle that huge repayment. By consolidation of loan you can combine all your loans and form a single loan. This will make your repayment easier to deal with. It also provides lower interest rate.

School consolidation statistics

From just three years from now. Several Maine’s school districts have merged themselves in order to save money. There are only 164 school districts which is covering almost 94% of the population of the state. And still there are 246 school boards. Before the merger state had 152 superintendents an now it’s only 94.

School debt consolidation

Debt is the very important part nowadays especially for Americans. Many of the economies are running on credit now. School debt consolidation is a simple concept in which the lender takes up a new loan just to repay all the other loans and that new loan will have a small amount of interest which will be beneficial for the lender.

Rural school consolidation

Consolidation of school is always a topic of discussion in rural areas. Advocates have found that the consolidation of school in the rural areas has only the benefit which is based fiscally and the opponents say that this will decline the quality of education and the community. Big schools will also incur cost like transportation and maintenance.

Negative effects of school consolidation

Consolidation of school often creates problem to the teachers, students and the administrators who moves from their school to the other. They had to start everything newly and had to make their place from the very beginning.

Problems with school consolidation

It creates problems to the administrating staff as they will find difficulty in handling the new school which they are not aware of. The teachers and the pupils will find difficulty in adjusting themselves in a totally new environment. It also incurs extra cost like transportation which gets difficult after merger and the most specific problem is that it reduces the quality of education.


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